English meaning: to dare
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “wagen, kũhn sein”, älter “angreifen, losgehen”
    Note: (also with -i-, -u- extended)
    Material: O.Ind. dhr̥ṣ-ṇṓ-ti, dhárṣ-ati “ is audacious, courageous, ventures”, dhr̥ṣú- (Gramm.), dhr̥ṣ́at “ hearty “ (= Av. darǝšat̃ ), dhr̥ṣṇú- “bold, valiant, gamy, audacious, cheeky “, dhr̥ṣṭá- “ insolent, cheeky “, dhr̥ṣita- “bold, gamy”, düdhr̥ ṣ i- “ intrepid, bold”, with object dharṣayati “ ventures in, makes a mistake, overcomes “, dharṣaṇa- n. “attack, maltreatment “, dharṣaka- “ attacking, assaulting “; Av. daršam adv. “violent, very”, darši-, daršyu-, daršita- “bold”, O.Pers. adaršnauš “ he ventured “, düdarsi- EN; Gk. Lesb. θέρσος n. “ courage, boldness” (Hom. Θερσίτης “ bold, cheeky “), with from adj. displaced zero grade Ion. altAtt. θάρσος (Att. θάρρος) ds., Att. θράσος n. “ courage, boldness; audacity, brashness “, θαρσέω, θαρρέω “be gamy”, θαρσύς (rhod. Θαρσύβιος, ther. Θhαρύμαqhος), θρασύς “bold, gamy; foolhardy, cheeky “ (= O.Ind. dhr̥ṣú-), Lesb. adv. θροσέως, θάρσῡνος “ courageous, confident, trusting “ (*θαρσο-σῡνος); Lat. infestus “ aggressive, hostile, dangerous “, infestüre “ to attack, disquiet “ and manifestus “ palpable, clear, visible, evident; caught out, detected “ (*dhers-to-); Goth. ga-dars (: O.Ind. perf. dadhárṣa “ has had the audacity “), Inf. gadaúrsan, “ I venture “, O.S. gidurran, O.E. dear, durran, O.H.G. (gi)tar, (gi)turran “venture, risk”, O.H.G. giturst, O.E. gedyrst f. “boldness, audacity “ (= O.Ind. dr̥ṣṭí-ḥ “boldness”); Maybe Alb. (*(gi)tar) guxoj “dare” : O.H.G. (gi)tar, (gi)turran “venture, risk”. Lith. nasalized Lith. dręsù “dare, venture” (*dhrensō), drįstù, drį̃sti (dhrn̥s-) “venture, risk”, drąsà (*dhrons-) “forwardness”, drąsùs = Ltv. drùošs “gamy, brave” (*dhrons-; O.Lith. still drįsùs and dransniaus); without nasalization O.Pruss. dīrstlan ‘stately” and dyrsos “proficient” (*dirsu-); here perhaps Toch. A tsär “rough”, tsraṣi ‘strong”, В tsirauñe “ strength “.
    References: WP. I 864, WH. I 698 f., Trautmann 60, Van Windekens Lexique 147.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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